it’s not nice to devour things

I told a stranger “I’m so tired of keeping my hands soft all the time. They aren’t always soft, now they feel so tense all the time”.

The teacher told me ” Those are some good questions but maybe don’t go so deep, so fast, take your time”.

Take your time, I used to beg myself.


a sun vs moon

The day I met you, you talked to me for several minutes

about your car breaking down, earlier that week. The only

thing you had on your mind, the whole ordeal.

Smiling, laughing, you draw out the story.

Later that night I heard you are left at that bar alone

because you get too drunk and make the same mistakes.

Your friends say they can’t do it again.

My heart breaks.

the sun doesn’t play it cool

a sunrise is the opportunity to fall in love with the sky

over and over again, in moments. I have five new favorite colors.

Do you know how many times I am in love, in some way, in some form,

overflowing in this body.

do you ever just explode inside yourself?

it’s the feeling when the universe sends its love back.

have you heard about the butterfly effect? that’s what 

it feels like. when I’m looking at really beautiful things.

I am getting the softest sweetest kisses sent back to me, and I finally

remember that overwhelming can be good too.

don’t you just melt when you feel your intensity returned?

There are worse ways to drown.