Do you think someone can make you new? That’s how I feel
with you. What do I call you?
A hundred names, in 100 different tongues.
I think I read about
you, once. In another life.
The woman who slows time.
Never have enough time,
yet how I spend it on you. This clock ticking chest, wants to
match yours. I’ll run slow, if it keeps me with you.
How I melt, suddenly things are easy
and I do not shrink when scared.
When did I become brave? Say out loud I want you. Say out loud what you already mean. What I’m asking is, do you know what this means?
That rushing water will fill my lungs, does it scare you?
Listen to my skin, it sings for you, when you are near.
Hear the cracking, the release. Hear the humming of butterfly wings
beating. Even the sick ones know of tomorrow.
Look for the fattening moon,
look for your hands.
          “Come here. I’ve been waiting for you.”


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