lonely for you

Baby, this is how you know it’s real.
Open this box, no return receipt.
Center hot.
Center clenching.
I feel your thighs clenching.
Feel you, feel me.
How I want you to fill me.
I squeeze my hands around you, like you might disappear,
squeeze myself in you. Think about swallowing you whole.
Promise I’ll leave breadcrumb bruises. Show you’re mine.
Kiss your back, I want to show you the beast with two backs.
Fingers digging, you feel like new ground in spring.
Limbs knotting like tree trunks near riverbeds, into your hair,
intertwining fingers, you make roots feel so soft. There’s a lesson there.
But first,
let me pull you in this quicksand body.
Feel the sinking pool in my stomach,  for you.
Speak to me in tongues,
hot mouth. Sticky like fresh fruit
dripping down my chin.
Clean me up,
better yet keep me dirty.  You make me want to be dirty,
Want to bathe in you. Stay in you.
My hips revolving around your hips. Grind me fine, breathe me in
those beautiful lungs.
I want to rise and fall with you. Want you
to take me in deep, slow, make you dizzy with air. With words.
Let me kiss the angles of your thighs.
I want to lick you inside out
favorite flavor, peach juice, ripe.
Baby, you’re so sweet.
Come here,
I want to make you a mess with my mouth.


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