We are playing wackamole and you’re never hitting me
but I feel it all the same. Tell me why you need to feel vengeful.
We are playing operation, you can’t keep coming for my heart and
the butterflies are dead. I know you kill them before others can.
We try for the wishbone, no one wins if it doesn’t break.
We are playing tag but you never come near me, never touch me
with your hands, just your eyes, don’t tell me it’s counts.
We are playing back and forth but we are not playing back and forth.
We are playing chess and it’s your turn, it’s your turn. I’m waiting on
your turn. It doesn’t count if we only play in our minds.  Fuck, I missed your move.
You are a step ahead, but only if I move. Last move, last piece.
My king, frozen, like me. Stalemate. The only draw I want, you into me.
We’re playing, you say “I’m just fucking playing”.
I hate these games, and it’s your turn again.


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