house tourĀ 

The part that calls through a door
echos in floorboards
asking to be opened.
Traveling from foot to spine.
From chest to head. 
Listen, the house of my body
 has a room you won’t see.
I don’t visit much, unless it’s dark,
unless I’m looking at the floors again,
unless I admit I know how to kill beautiful things.
You’ll ask about the rope, the string, the thread.
The rope loops around and you laugh as if this house can’t move.
You’ll trip before you realize it.
I promise it will never hold you and
I’ll give you light and a knife.
But let’s not get too ahead,
here are the rules for now:

1. The house sinks and floats and you must press against the floorboards to tell. 

2. The attic is off limits, even I can’t visit sometimes.

3. This house is a body, is a house, wants to be a home.

4. Some lights never go out, it’s better this way.

5. The heavy room is here to stay, I need you to know that. It’s always been this way. 

Now come over lover, I want to be the 
warmest thing you know. 



You ask for more and I apologize.
I’m so vague. My head feels like air
and words that make my chest heavy.
I love that you don’t mind my little
sadness tucked away. Or my answer
when you want to know what I think about.
I smile and you don’t press. 
Except when you do.
You are so clever. Do you know
what you do to me? 
God I want to love you right. 
I knew you’d be the one
so my chest ached. 
Slipped past the fence. 
Slip in me, I want you inside.
You should hear the silence
in my head it’s so 
fucking beautiful. 


I know I’m happy and that’s when
words escape me. Slips
past me, I’m so fucking light.
So fucking full of air and warmth. 
Best part of my day is 
sighing into your mouth. 
Best part of my day is feeling okay,
I’m going to die one day 
but fuck it I’m human,
hope you’ll be by my side.